Biguitor 331 Gemini  (semi-automat)

Biguitor 331 Gemini (semi-automat)

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Brand: Dekia
Product Code: 331
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Product Description

Paper Thickness: 100gsm-350gsm/0.1mm-0.4mm

Paper Sizes: Min 90*50 mm - Max 650*330 mm (L*W)

Paper type: Non coated paper, coated paper, laminated paper

Crease line width: 1.0

Min gap between creases: 0.1mm

Crease in one pass: 1-32 / sheet 

Crease Accuracy: 0.2mm

Crease Depth Adjustment: Infinitely

Linear Perforate tools: 12/24 TPI, mount upto 4 sets in one single machine in standard

Number of program memories: 30

Feeding: By hand

Output capacity: 20mm

Display & operation: Lcd screen & key board
Power: 300W

Standard tools: Crease tools and perforate tools

Option: Linear perforater, Stand 

Dimensions(L*W*H): 110cm*51cm*38cm

Book cover mode: Available

Progresive mode: Available

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