Biguitor 8335B-Lightning / 8336B Lightning Pro (automat)

Biguitor 8335B-Lightning / 8336B Lightning Pro (automat)

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Brand: Dekia
Product Code: 8335/ 8336
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Product Description

Paper Thickness: 100gsm-400gsm/

Paper Sizes: Min140*210 mm-Max 330*900 mm (L*W)

                        Min 45*135mm- Max330-1200mm(L*W) with options

Paper type: Non coated paper,coated paper,laminated paper

Speed: 8040pcs/hour (A4 1 crease)

Crease line width:  Standard 1.0mm, Option 0.6/1.2/1.4mm

Min gap between creases: 0.1mm

Crease in one pass: 1-32 / sheet 

Crease Accuracy:  0.2mm

Linear Perforate tools: 12/24 TPI, mount upto 8 sets in standard

Partial linear Perforate tools: Mount upto 4 pcs

Number of program memories: 64

Feeding: Vaccum feeding

Output capacity :   100mm

Display & operation :Colour touch screen

Option:    Linear perforater,

                Cross perforater, 12/24/52TPI

                Scoring tools,

                Crease die 0.6/1.2/1.4mm,

                Kiss cutter tools,

                Slit tools

                    Extention table (max infeed size upto 1200mm)

                    Narrow feeder (min infeed size 45mm*135mm)


   Partial linear Perforate toolsMount upto 4 pcs

Differences of 8335B and 8336B:

Ambele echipamente se pot conecta cu Inseriatorul automat N U M A S T E R  33N





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